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Jet Aviation Components and Aircraft International (Jet Aviation) provides aircraft spare parts for Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, and Lockheed model jet aircraft, as well as for Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, GE/SN ECMA, and Rolls-Royce engInes. The Company procures and distnbutes parts worldwide, with satellite offices In Tel Aviv, Israel; Istanbul, Turkey; and Sheigyang, Oiana. Owned and operated by Mr. Ailen Beni, the Company Is a Type S Corporation headquartered in North Miami Beach, Florida, with 10 employees.

Jet Aviation owns an estimated $14 million In Inventoried airline parts and equipment. Management has more than 50 years experience in the aircraft parts distribution market and have developed an extensive growth strategy, which takes into account emerging trends and upcoming gaps in production. At this time, the aircraft industry spends more than $11 billion annually on parts and components. Furthermore, management estimates there are roughly 20 companies in the world that manufacture these parts. BSEL provides Jet Aviation an excellent opportunity to vertically integrate its operations into this lightly concentrated industry.

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