Sales and Marketing

Due to Managements relationships and excellent reputation in the industry, Jet does not require an extensive sales and marketing campaign. Jet’s sales and marketing efforts revolve around relationship-building. Management is constantly looking for new ways to increase alliances with customers, suppliers, employees, and Investors.

The Company’s has a five-prong marketing approach.

1) Management adapts all of its marketing materials so that information needs of Its clients are met.
2) Jet will focus Its promotional efforts on clients most likely to be Influenced by the it’s efforts.
3) Management automates the selling process by making customers, products, and inventory information available in real time to Jet’s sales staff.
4) Management is constantly expanding it’s product offerings to extend the scope of its enterprise.
5) Jet makes sure its customers are satisfied with Its products and services.

In light of the airline industry’s revenue contractions, the Internet offers industry participants the opportunity to cut purchasing costs, manage supplier relationships, and integrate operations with customers, suppliers and partners which streamlines logistics and inventory. The Internet also helps new and existing customers around the globe more effectively than In the past. Thus, the Internet has Jet as a premier aircraft parts supplier, allowing Jet to easily interact with potential customers. Jet receives an estimated 80% of Its product requests through e-mail messages or through inquires from message boards.

Jet’s e-commerce system lets users process inquires online against a comprehensive database, while allowing clients to review its inventory using highly specific search parameters. Management strives to offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry. Internet sales help management meet this goal, as the Company’s online inventory is easily accessible to warehouse staff and management.